LTC LIVE: City Centre Map of the City of Utrecht

“Finally, a modern map of the city centre with up-to-date information”.
Marlous Schrooten, Traffic Safety project leader and programme secretary, City of Utrecht


The map of the city centre contains information such as height and width restrictions, but also loading and unloading areas. This map is meant to inform drivers on how best to reach the city. Andes has developed a special navigation system where the driver can enter vehicle weight and dimensions, allowing the route planner to take this into account when calculating the route.
We spoke about this to Marlous Schrooten, traffic safety project leader and programme secretary at the City of Utrecht.

What characterises accessibility in Utrecht?
Difficult question: Utrecht is busy, there is a lot of traffic, it is a low-emissions area and Utrecht also has a historic city centre. This creates rather a lot of restrictions when it comes to accessibility (for instance axle load, etc.).

What made you decide to look for a solution to accessibility problems?
There was no up-to-date digital map showing all the restrictions in Utrecht’s city centre. That was what prompted me to go in search of a solution.

What do you think is the most significant added value of the city centre map?
The city centre map offers the possibility of seeing how to get from A to B in the vehicle you are driving at the click of a button because it takes into account the restrictions that apply in Utrecht. Ideal!

Why did the City of Utrecht choose this solution?
We are already familiar with the LTC navigation system, so this solution is the perfect addition to that.

What has the city centre map brought to you as a municipality?
Finally, a modern city centre map with up-to-date information. It is also extra useful for us to be able to add the loading and unloading areas to it.

Does it meet your expectations?
Afbeelding van de binnenstadkaart Utrecht

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