LTC R&E: ProRail

“The work process is more transparent. Coordination has improved significantly” 
Jan Boeve, Construction Manager ProRail.

After a successful pilot for North Holland, ProRail has also started registering works on the rail network in the provinces of Utrecht and Flevoland in LTC R&E. ProRail joining the LTC family has made it possible to improve the coordination of work carried out by road authorities and those done by rail authorities. Below is an interview with Jan Boeve, Construction Manager ProRail.

What led ProRail to look for a solution to digitalise work on the rail network?
Jan: “The coordination and communication with external parties, such as road authorities and emergency services, used to be ad hoc. Work on the rail network was planned, but the parties affected were only notified shortly before work started. Due to the vast amount of traffic on the road, but also all the work on the tracks, there was a real necessity to be able to coordinate planning sooner and better. My job as Construction Manager, where coordination with external parties is part of my every day activities, meant I was involved with our internal project.”

Can you tell us something about the approach and the cooperation?
“A good example is the RegieGroep Noord-Holland. Various parties are represented in this group, such as infrastructure authorities, road authorities, transport and water boards, as well as municipalities. Because everyone now uses the same programme, we are now able to coordinate planning and, therefore, the actual work better. We also have a complete overview of the road and the track. Now, when work on the rail network is planned, for example resulting in a railway bridge being closed or a road crossing being obstructed, it becomes immediately clear where any possible traffic obstructions may occur. This information is also available for emergency services and bus companies. Cooperation has improved significantly thanks to this. And we enjoy working with Andes. They’re open to customer requirements. I send my suggestions for additions to the account manager and they then coordinate with the Andes programmers. That works well, with short lines of communication.”

What do you think is the most important improvement? 
“The most important thing is that we can now announce our work to other road authorities in advance. In September, we finished the annual planning for 2018 and everything will be entered in LTC, with all the national track and crossing works. This means, for example, for the province of North Holland, that they can see well in advance where there are any conflicts in the works, and where action or coordination needs to take place. We’re therefore very happy with LTC. The work process has become more transparent, but also the coordination and communication with all of the parties involved has improved. We are currently discussing the how we select the rail network in LTC, when entering closers and diversions. This makes it possible to immediately see where the closer is, and thus the obstruction for traffic. I have no negative comments about Andes/LTC and the benefits of the software, not only for us, but also for the parties we work together with.”

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