LTC R&E: The Provence of Limburg

Insight into the Limburg accessibility 
Deborah Bekkers of the Provence of Limburg

What characterises the accessibility in the province of Limburg?
This depends on the area. In rural areas, you have to rely on your own transport. But if that’s no longer an option, you may need to look for public transport alternatives after all. We want to maintain the quality of public transport as much as possible, including in the rural areas. The busses aren’t as frequent as in the city areas, so alternatives are important.

What are the challenges the province of Limburg faces with regard to accessibility?
The main challenges concern accessibility by public transport in the rural areas. Also, the many large events and bike races in Limburg sometimes make it difficult to coordinate everything. Especially if the road authorities aren’t aware of all the details of the events. We also have a less robust motorway network. This means that the regional network also suffers traffic jams if there’s an accident on the motorway.

When you’re looking to solve these issues, what’s the main benefit of the bus route feature in LTC R&E?
The bus route feature provides the transport company with insight into any scheduled disruptions well in advance.

Why did the province of Limburg choose this feature?
The bus routes are fixed, making them easy to include them on the map, in our opinion.

What have been the benefits of the bus route feature in LTC in the province?
The transport company benefits more from the ‘viewer’, because they are also part of the coordination process. Awareness among road authorities and contractors of the impact disruptions have on the operations of transport companies is also increasing.

Are there areas of improvement and/or requirements for the future?
We told Andes that it would good if they could improve the way areas of interest are entered into the system. We would also like to have an automated message sent to us if they are affected. Also, the icons for the bus stops disrupt the image on the screen. It would be better if they could be turned ‘on’ and ‘off’ and adjust to the map size when zooming in and out. Andes is now working on this feature and making the application even more user friendly for us.

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