LTC R&E: Utrecht Municipality

“Since the implementation of LTC R&E, we have not only seen a more efficient way of working, but also the internal cooperation has improved”
Daniëlle de Groot, Bureau Bereikbaarheid Utrecht

Municipality Utrecht has worked with LTC Roadworks & Events (LTC R&E) for many years. Daniëlle de Groot, who works at Bureau Bereikbaarheid Utrecht, explains why they needed a solution in a digital process for roadworks and events, and how she and her colleagues work with LTC R&E.
“Before the introduction of LTC R&E, we worked with a planning program that was less visual and in which it was more time consuming to add changes. Before closing the program down, we had to note all the segments and junctions and shut them. This required so much work that we had to look for a solution that would allow us to work more efficiently and easily. This is what brought us to Andes.”

An actual example: The Tour de France
“Since the application of LTC R&E we’re not only working more efficiently, but our internal cooperation is also much better. Colleagues, including those from the Customer Contact Centre, regularly check the site if they have questions regarding roadworks. But also, communication with residents has improved significantly: they can check the website to see where the planned roadworks will be, and use the multimodal route planner immediately. An excellent example was the Tour de France. We were extremely happy with LTC during this mega-event. We put the entire route that the cyclists would follow into LTC, so we could easily monitor this route and prevent any roadworks from happening up to two weeks prior to the event. The entire event went perfectly!”

Look to the future 
“We see a future where project leaders and workers can add roadworks themselves and that, when the roadworks have been agreed, we only need to click once to add it to LTC. This will save our department a lot of time in entering data.”

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