LTC TTM: The Province of South Holland

“The digital traffic helpdesk improves the quality, the runtime and the process of temporary traffic control measures.
Floor Vermeulen, Commissioner for Traffic and Transport, Province of South Holland

The Province of South Holland was the first Dutch province with LTC Temporary Traffic Control as its digital traffic helpdesk. This new process offers an immediate overview of all the planned roadworks on or near main roads in South Holland. LTC TTC also offers a significant increase in efficiency, as contractors can now process all their applications with the province much quicker. This prevents conflicts, and encourages cooperation between contractors.

Quality and efficiency improvements
The new approach registers, processes, and finalises all roadworks. Processing applications for temporary traffic control measures is all done by four traffic managers. They keep an eye on the scheduling of the traffic management desk and engineers in the field.

Positive user experience 
The new digital traffic helpdesk was introduced at the end of 2015 among a group of around one hundred users, including work planners, contractors and project leaders from BRL-certified companies.
“The LTC module is clear and is characterised by its user-friendliness and speed. This module provides us with greater insight into the touch points with other contractors. This allows us to combine roadworks and plan efficiently,” explains one of the contractors.

The department of Specialist Road Construction at ‘Bouwend Nederland’ has also joined the process, and is positive: “This is a widely talked about innovation. We would like to see the process used in the Province of South Holland become the national standard.”

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