LTC TTM: Industrial partners

Fully coordinated work processes with LTC

On large industrial estates with a road network they manage themselves there are often several external parties, including contractors and network operators, at work every day.

Manual and labour-intensive work
Before they can start carrying out their work, for safety reasons, these parties need to ask the manager of the industrial estate for permission. These permit applications were often assessed one by one for their impact and safety risks, and then manually marked on a map.

Because sometimes hundreds of requests need to be processed manually, this process has always been labour intensive. In addition, activities on the industrial estate often need to be coordinated with the local fire service control room, should any accidents occur. The fire brigade also needs to process these activities manually in its own system.

The solution
With LTC Temporary Traffic Management (LTC TTM) Andes has delivered an application that fits the work processes on industrial and other factory sites perfectly. As a result, the process of requesting and coordinating work is fully automated. For one of our clients, we digitised the entire industrial estate, whereby the software (SaaS) is fully aligned with the current work processes. All the permits for work taking place on the site are applied for by external parties via a separate User Interface.

The site manager receives the application and can process it digitally, in order to be able to give the applicant the permission to carry out the work. The ultimate goal is to be able to transmit the planned activities real-time to the control room systems of the fire brigade and other emergency services.

The result

  • Safety
    Improved safety in outside areas
  • Smooth administration
    Reduction in the administrative burden
  • Coordination with emergency services
    Planned activities are transmitted real time to all emergency services
  • Fewer conflicts
    Reduction in potential conflicts when planning work
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