Software for Government

Software for Government

All the infrastructural changes, events and more complex traffic control measures make it difficult to guarantee accessibility, safety and quality of life in cities, towns and villages. This is why we developed LTC Roadworks & Events (LTC R&E). LTC R&E is an online service for registering, maintaining, coordinating and publishing all information regarding roadworks and busy events. The application has a proven track record. LTC R&E already has over 200 municipal and provincial users who, between them, have coordinated over 100,000 jobs!

The main advantages of LTC R&E:

  • Complete overview of all current and planned roadworks and events
  • Share real-time information with colleagues and professional road users (emergency services and public transport providers)
  • Immediate reduction in costs
  • ​Unique connection with LTC N&P​​​

A temporary traffic control measure is necessary when a road needs to be closed due to roadworks, for example, or when there is a large event, or due to road or bridge maintenance work. In order to set up traffic control measures, the contractor, utilities company, or event organiser must request permission from a municipality or province.

LTC Temporary Traffic Management (LTC TTM) automates the application and approval process for temporary traffic control measures, and provides the traffic manager with a complete overview of all planned roadworks. This prevents conflict situations as all applications are processed and exchanged in the same way and details exchanged between the different parties involved. It also improves the coordination and quality of services, and encourages cooperation between contractors and other parties involved.

The main advantages van LTC TTM:

  • Digital data transfer saves considerable time as the applications are submitted and processed in a uniform way and in accordance with the pre-set requirements
  • An overview of all roadworks from contractors, distribution network operators, event organisers and other parties involved
  • Improved cooperation between all parties involved, thus avoiding conflict situations

More than 400,000 roadworks are carried out every year in the Netherlands. As a result, municipalities regularly run into problems. It is their task to make sure cooperation runs smoothly. It is, for example, important that all works are registered, that no damage is done to the public space, and that there is an overview of all planned roadworks. LTC Notifications & Permits provides valuable support with every stage of the process: from execution through to final administration. The result is excellent cooperation with residents, excavation companies and the municipality, as well as a pleasanter working and living environment.

The main advantages van LTC N&P:

  • An efficient and completely automated program for processing notifications and permits
  • Better control of the application, execution and final administrative process
  • Unique connection with LTC R&E for a complete planning, coordination and communication​ process
  • Increased income from repair costs and fees ​​​

The LTC Supervision & Enforcement (LTC S&E) application was developed specifically for supervisory authorities. A single click provides a complete overview of roadworks involving cables and pipes– at anytime and anywhere. Particularly useful when you’re out on the road! The app is completely responsive: it can be used on all smartphones, tablets and laptops.

The main advantages of LTC S&E for supervisory bodies:

  • Setting up and carrying out regular checks such as maintaining an overview of all work where the warrantee period is about to expire
  • Photo functionality that can be applied during inspections beforehand and after work has been carried out
  • Approval and rejection of notifications being processed
  • Immediate on-site check of the work costs entered