Software for Industry

Traffic management for industrial partners

Large industrial estates and business parks that manage their own roads often deal with various external parties, with an active role for contractors, grid operators, etc.

Labour-intensive and done by hand
Before they can carry out their activities on the site, in the interests of safety, these partners have to ask permission from the site manager. These permit applications are often assessed on a case by case basis for their impact and safety risks and are added to a map by hand. An extremely labour-intensive process.

The solution
LTC Temporary Traffic Management is a perfect match for work processes on industrial estates and other factory sites. The process of applying for and coordinating work is completely automated.

For instance, for one of our clients, we digitised his entire industrial estate. External partners apply for all permits for work carried out on the estate via a separate User Interface. The site manager receives them and can immediately process them online then give the applicant permission to carry out the work. The ultimate goal is to be able to forward the planned activities in real time to the fire and emergency service control room. LTC is thus making a real contribution to increased security in outside areas.