LTC Public Works & Permits

A considerable amount of work is carried out on the underground infrastructure every day. Excavation work can cause traffic disruption, or that damage to the area is discovered during the work, or that no notification has been given.

LTC Public Works & Permits (LTC PWP) automates the process surrounding roadworks, giving you get better control of the application, execution and administrative process for all work on cables and pipelines. In addition, LTC PWP also supports combi projects, (carrying out work for different purposes at the same time). The main advantage of this approach is that it reduces overall costs and simplifies the administrative burden.

However, planning roadworks involves not only underground excavation work. It can also be affected by road maintenance works and busy events. By linking LTC PWP and the LTC R&E (Roadworks & Events) application, you can really manage the entire public space!


  • Efficient and completely automated program for processing notifications and permits
  • Better management and control over the application, execution and administrative process
  • Unique connection with LTC R&E for a complete overview of activities in the public space
  • ​More income from repair costs and fees


  • Central platform for applying for permits and submitting notifications
  • User-friendly application increases efficiency
  • Complete overview of the status of notifications and permits with archiving feature
  • Clear financial overview: no discussion regarding invoicing
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