LTC Roadworks & Events

LTC Roadworks & Events (LTC R&E) allows road managing authorities to enter, manage and coordinate their planning efficiently.

This application provides a single overview of all the scheduled roadworks and events on a geographical map. The diversion routes within a region are also shown clearly and automatically coordinated with the parties involved.
The information can be shared easily via a municipality website. But it is also possible to share ’tailored’ information with a specific target group, for example with public transport companies and emergency services. In LTC R&E, you select all the roadworks and events that could hinder emergency services and then save these in the desired file type. With a single click, the emergency services periodically receive an overview of all road closures in a given region.

A major advantage of working with LTC R&E is that the information only needs to be entered once. It can then be shared limitlessly. Not only does this lead to a more efficient operation, it also ensures excellent cooperation!


  • A complete overview of all the current and scheduled roadworks via a single platform
  • Clear coordination: both internally and with other road management authorities, including those outside the municipality
  • Share real-time information: internally, but also externally (with residents, public transport companies, emergency services etc.)
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