CycloMedia Street Smart in LTC

The LTC Platform offers all LTC users the ability to display CycloMedia Street Smart images within the different LTC modules.

CycloMedia Street Smart consists of two parts. The cycloramas; these are 360-degree panoramic images that give a reliable picture of the public space. And the oblique aerial photos; these are aerial photos taken at an angle of 45 degrees.
Within CycloMedia, the road administrator can view the closures and diversions signed in LTC. This gives you up-to-date and detailed information in LTC. To enable this functionality for all LTC users within your organization, one LTC user must be granted the ‘Functional Administrator’ rights. This extra user role can be easily requested and set up via the Andes support desk.

How? Send an email to with the name of the functional administrator for your organization and together we ensure that all LTC users have the unique aerial photos and panorama images visible in LTC!