E-mail traffic ‘support department’ fully automatic

If you have a technical question about one of the LTC applications, you can contact the Support department.
And to be able to support you even better and more “tailor-made”, we have automated all support e-mail traffic starting September 6.

What’s new?
The service remains the same. In fact, it only gets faster and better!
If you send a message to support@ltcworld.com, you now will receive – after we have processed your report – a confirmation with a notification number (SUP – ###). All communication is then based on this number. And if your report is resolved, you will of course also receive a message. If you still have a question afterwards, no problem! Because with the reference number, we have the correct message at hand again.

It is also possible that you call us, but that we cannot help you further immediately. For example, because your request must be forwarded to one of our developers. From now on you will receive a confirmation with notification number by e-mail.

If you have any questions about the new support method, call us on 088-2100350.