Floating Car Data in LTC

As a road authority, you need to have a complete overview of the accessibility and availability of your road network. The LTC Platform helps you by providing you with full details of planned works, events and other obstructions within your municipality.

Comparing data
The data on planned work can be made even more reliable by testing it against the actual situation using Floating Car Data. Vehicle movement data enables you to see whether a road that, according to the plans is still closed, is in fact already back in use.

And there are obviously more possible uses for Floating Car Data. We have made it possible to show this up-to-date source of information in LTC, and to combine it with the existing planned data.

For more information about the possible applications for Floating Car Data, call us at +31 (0)211 – 63 55 29 90 or send an email to support@andes.eu.