More efficient working for Stadskanaal

The municipality of Stadskanaal is already working with LTC Public Works & Permits. Because of certain legal obligations, the municipality keeps files of the extended permits and archives them using the case management system Decos JOIN. How much easier would life be if the data from both applications could be exchanged…

The municipality of Stadskanaal sat down together with DECOS and Andes to discuss the possibility of linking both applications using a standard exchange format (SEF) link. Together, they determined what information LTC needs to send to JOIN and at what moment. Information is also sent from JOIN to LTC. The case number created in JOIN will also be used in LTC.

The municipality is therefore able to complete the entire application for a permit or approval in LTC, with the relevant information automatically added to the case management system. That certainly is handy!

This enables Stadskanaal to meet their legal obligations for retention periods. Additionally, by reducing the chance of making mistakes, the quality of the work has increased. As has the efficiency!