New addition: LTC temporary traffic management

New Addition: LTC Temporary Traffic Management

Efficient cooperation with contractors and other parties

We’re proud of what we’ve managed to achieve! Because, with so many satisfied users, our LTC software has developed into a powerful national – and recently also international – platform for the supporting the entire process for the application, coordination and administration of activities in public areas.

The LTC Platform has now been expanded with various modules, and has over 4,000 users every day. Our platform comprises 3 different applications for optimising and automating various work processes: LTC Roadworks & Events, LTC Public Works & Permits and LTC Temporary Traffic Management. Their common architecture allows for easy, two-way exchange of data between the various applications.

Our latest addition, LTC Temporary Traffic Management (LTC TTM), facilities easy, transparent, and efficient collaboration between municipalities, provinces and contractors. All requests are processed and exchanged in the same way. In practice, this means that submitting a works application by a contractor is done in the same system as the coordination, approval and permits! This improves the coordination and quality of the service, and encourages cooperation with contractors and other parties involved.

LTC TTM also has an extensive supervisors’ app available. Just one tap gives a complete overview of all the works – anywhere anytime. Extremely useful for supervisors who travel a lot!

The Province of South Holland and Shell have been successfully working together for some time, thanks to LTC TTM.

The municipalities of Utrecht, Nieuwegein, Woerden, Oudewater and Haarlem also agreed to work with the new application for temporary traffic management (LTC TTM). Staff there have high expectations of how TTM will improve the applications process significantly. In the past, there was no clear overview as to where temporary works where being carried out. Requests were often also incomplete. This is now a thing of the past for these municipalities. The LTC TTM solution is also helping them work together more efficiently with contractors and other parties involved.

To find out more about the benefits of LTC TTM in practice, read the customer case about the province of South Holland.

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