The LTC Platform

Guaranteeing accessibility, safety and quality of life in cities, towns and villages is a daily challenge for government authorities. This challenge becomes even greater during busy events or roadworks. This is why collaboration and coordination are so important. Not only between the different road management bodies, but also with utility companies, distribution network operators, security services and residents, The LTC Platform, with more than 4000 users, makes this possible!

A unique feature is that the coordination, communication and processing of all roadworks is done via one platform. A single click shows exactly where works are being carried out. This simplifies management, enables various roadworks to be combined, and ensures coordination with other utility companies and distribution network operators, as well as sharing information with the emergency services, public transport providers and residents. This information can also be exchanged easily with external business and financial systems.

The main advantages of the LTC Platform:

  • A single overview with all current and planned roadworks in the public space
  • Optimising existing working processes (digital registration and processing of all roadworks in the public space)
  • Clear internal and external coordination and communication within the municipal or provincial borders and beyond
  • Information is connected easily to external business and financial systems